Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018 Promotional Exhibition

July 2017

Project: Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018 Promotional Exhibition

Location: Korean Cultural Center (KCC), Bangkok, Thailand

Client: Korean Cultural Center (KCC)

An exhibition to promote Pyeongchang Winter Olympic in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 2018 was in winter sport theme. There were standees of Lee Min-ho (South Korean actor, singer and model), Yuna Kim (South Korean skater) and annual mascots of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. Attendees would know more about each sport, athlete and more in Winter Olympic. Our Client was Korean Cultural Center of Thailand (KCC) promoting a good image of the country and promoting Korean culture and often hosting performances, exhibitions, festivals and cultural events, as well as educational activities such as classes.

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